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Have you ever been angry at God? Most of us try to deny it, but almost everyone has been angry at God at some point in their life. Reasons for being angry at God vary, but the most common ones include:

  • Being angry at God for not giving us what we want or think we need.
  • Being angry at God for not protecting us the way we thought He should.
  • Being angry at God when He doesn't answer our prayers as quickly as we think we need Him to, or when He misses a deadline we set.
  • Being angry at God when we feel abandoned in the midst of our struggles.
  • Being angry at God when someone we are praying for does not receive healing.
  • Being angry at God for letting us reap the results of our life choices.
  • Being angry at God because someone we love died.

We never want to admit we're angry at God. In the midst of all the denial, we forget God already knows we are angry. He knows why, and He knows the depth of our pain. He is waiting with open arms to heal us from that anger and show us He truly is all loving and overwhelmingly good. There's no point in trying to hide our anger, but many of us do. 

Even David, the apple of God's eye, got mad at God. The Psalms contain more than one of David's "rants" at God. These rants came as David questioned how much longer God would ignore him and not rescue him (Psalm 13:1-6; Psalm 35;17-18; Psalm 42:9-11). We will touch on important points about his rants in a moment.

Perhaps the best example of David's anger at God is in the book of 2 Samuel:

Then David was angry because the LORD's wrath had broken out against Uzzah, and to this day that place is called Perez Uzzah. 2 Samuel 6:8 NLT

David was angry at God for doing what God said He would. He was frustrated and felt hopeless. 

Please note I am not implying it is good to be angry at God. I am simply pointing out that if David felt anger toward God, doesn't it seem likely that being angry at God is sometimes a normal human reaction? Normal human reactions and emotions are often sinful, but they are not unforgivable.

The bottom line is that being angry at God shows we do not understand God's true character. It means we don't trust Him or believe He is on our side. Being angry at God is a very self-centered place to be, but it's a place almost everyone has occupied.

There are many verses that show that anger against God is a sin*. Instead of focusing on the sin, I'd rather discuss how we can move beyond being angry with God into finding peace and forgiveness. 

Top 5 Tips to Move Beyond Anger at God into Peace

  1. Tell God Why You're Angry
    I've often recommended to clients caught up in anger against God that they buy a plastic toy bat and pray, honestly telling God what they feel, while using the bat to pound their mattress as hard as they can. Expressing and acknowledging all the facets of our anger is healthy, even if what is expressed is sinful. Let your emotions run free. God already knows the depth of your pain. You need to tell God about everything you are feeling so you can identify and acknowledge the multitude of variations you are experiencing. Dig deep. Do you feel abandoned? Feel ignored? Feel betrayed? Feel worthless or unworthy? Let God know. Let new awareness come as you dig deep.

    If you are uncomfortable praying about these emotions, take time to journal them.

  2. Listen to God's Response. Now that you've been honest with God, take a few moments to calm down, let your tears dry, and receive God's healing peace. Now step into God's presence and listen to what He has to say.  His words will be loving, not condemning. Any condemning or judgmental words you hear are not coming from God. Those words are either coming from you, or from the enemy. Let God speak words of wisdom, revelation and encouragement to you. Praise Him for each new thing He says. Take time to write them down. If you don't hear much, that's ok. Ask God to keep speaking and trust He will share more over the next few day and weeks.

  3. Start Praising and Worshiping 
    In the Psalms I shared above about times David was frustrated and angry with God, you'll notice David started by venting his frustrations (Tip 1). But ... he always  immediately followed the cry of his heart with praise and worship of God. This is a powerful model we should pay attention to. God repeated it more than once in scripture, so it is obviously something we need to acknowledge. The Book of Acts has many other examples of disciples praising in the midst of horrible situations. We should apply this powerful model to our own lives and trust God to let it work in us and for us.

  4.  Ask God to Heal the Wounds in Your Heart that Created the Anger. Just ask. God is waiting. Ask Him to heal the wounds from your past that opened the door to your anger. Let God reveal different situations from your life that created wounds you haven't been able to let go of. Ask Him to pour the anointing oil of his love into those wounds and bring perfect restoration. (If your wounds are deep and you need help letting go of the anger, please feel free to schedule a session with Dr. Pamela.)

  5. Ask God to Forgive You. God has already forgiven you. You wouldn't have started this process if you didn't want forgiveness and restoration. Take time to ask Him for forgiveness and then allow yourself to spend time knowing you are completely forgiven and that God has removed your anger from you. Rest in God's perfect forgiveness and renewal.

Why do I write about being angry at God? Because i have been truly furious with God more than once. I know how that feels and I know the many ways it impacted my life. My first husband was an ordained minister who worked in full time ministry when we met. Meeting someone who was a chaplain and worked in full-time ministry was an answer to prayer.

Two months after we married, I discovered my husband was a closet alcoholic and drug addict. I was angry. At him. At God. At myself for ignoring the warnings God had sent me. It's funny how we often blame God for the choices we make, isn't it?

The ten years we were married were a constant rollercoaster ride of deep valleys and rough turns. My husband ultimately committed suicide. Please don't feel sorry for me or feel pity. I praise God every day for the experience of living with someone who couldn't fully submit to God and who worked hard to hide it. There is no other way I could have seen so many different sides of God's face and character. I also could never have learned so much about myself. In all honesty, I made it easy for my husband to fake it. I lied for him and covered for him because I was so ashamed of the decision I made to marry him.

The enemy loves to deceive us and drag us down alongside our prodigal spouse, even though we are clinging to God and trusting Him to bring healing.

Before my husband died, the kids and I abandoned our home in Mexico and started over. I was furious with God. From my perspective, I had bent over backward to serve and obey God, be a godly wife and live a godly life, but didn't get what God promised me I would. I felt cheated and betrayed.

The sin of my anger toward God obviously changed my relationship with Him. It also opened the door to other sins. Those sins led to worse sins. It took time for me to recognize that God was calling me home, coming after me and leaving the 99 because i was the one that wandered away (Matthew 18:12). He forgave me and restored my life. 

Not only that, He provided in amazing ways for me and the kids as we started over, and restored everything I had lost. I'm now happily married to a very godly man who loves the Lord with all his heart. God healed the shame of my past and set me free from it. That is one reason why Burst Through Ministries exists. I have a deep desire to help others find healing and restoration from the traumas of the past so they can step more fully into the identity God has for them.

 Are you angry at God? I understand and I feel your pain. Feel free to comment below and ask for prayer. Please know I'm praying for you, even if you don't ask.


* If you'd like to look up the verses that discuss being angry with God, look up these verses:  Galatians 5:20; Ephesians 4:26-27; Colossians 3:8; Proverbs 19:3; Isaiah 45:24; Jonah 4:4.

Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright ©1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.


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