What Is Your Purpose?

purpose Oct 11, 2019

It breaks my heart that so many people today are wasting their lives agonizing about what their purpose is. 

Our purpose is to bring God glory. 


Understanding and accepting that simplifies everything, doesn't it? We each have different callings and assignments, but regardless of what we do or where we're called, our sole focus should be to glorify God in all we do. Focusing on glorifying God requires us to submit to Him and humble ourselves.

Living life to glorify God is a choice. Most of us are faced with temptations that force us to make that choice many times a day.

My encouragement to you is to make God the first and last person you talk to every day. Start your day be praying this simple prayer:

Dear God, Please help me glorify You in all I do today. Please keep me in the center of your will, and help me stay so focused on You and your love that nothing can steal my peace. I ask you to mold me so your light can shine through me into the lives of others in bigger and better ways today. I thank you and praise you for how much You love me. Amen

Even a quick trip to the grocery can bring God glory when we share his love with others. Have you ever walked through the grocery store smiling at everyone you see? Please try it. You will be amazed at how blessed people are to simply be lovingly acknowledged. Your "simple" smile will shine God's light and love into the hearts of others. It may open the door for you to share  the gospel as they realize they want what you have.

Take time today to thank God for making life so simple. For most of us, we may need to ask God to forgive us for overcomplicating our life and his love.

Ask God to show you how much delight He receives from everything you do that glorifies Him. Be prepared to hear non-stop words of love and encouragement.

Ask Him to show you more ways you can glorify Him, then be ready to embark on a grand adventure!!

When we focus on glorifying God in all we do, life becomes a simple journey filled with joy.


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