RESTORED: A Transformational Coaching Program

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Start living a life filled with the peace, joy and hope Jesus intends for you

Stop letting lies from the past steal the spiritual abundance Jesus intends for you

Jesus promised our lives would be filled with perfect peace joy, and love. Unfortunately, many Christians are living lives filled with discouragement, fear, lack of confidence, doubt and self-condemnation.

The RESTORED Transformational Coaching Program will help you let go of the lack of peace, joy and love in your life and replace it with the abundance Jesus intends for you. The RESTORED program uses a proven model of teaching, encouragement and activations that will help you step more fully into your full identity in Christ.

Pamela's Story

Hello! My name is Pamela Reilly. I am the founder of Burst Through Ministries, Inc., and the creator of the RESTORED program. God led me to create this program after healing me from the wounds of my past and showing me my true identity in Christ.

I spent the first 30 years of my life feeling I wasn't as good as other people. I was miserable. 

I bent over backward to make sure people knew God loved them, but I didn't believe God's love appled to me.

Can you relate to that feeling that God's promises are real but don't apply to you?

God healed me from the wounds I was holding onto by repeatedly showing me the truth of his Word and helping me accept it as my truth. But - I had to choose to let go of those emotional wounds and let Him heal me first.

In God's grace and mercy, He showed me the lies I had let replace his perfect truth. He also revealed all the worldly things I had made my identity instead of resting in my identity in Christ.

This program includes everything God taught me about the lies the enemy uses to deceive us. It also includes the teaching God provided to help me not just know - but actually believe ,receive and walk in - my true identity in Christ. It also includes all of the exercises and activations God provided to help my clients durig 20 years of sharing what He had taught me.

I have seen God transform lives over and over again. I KNOW it is his will to heal you. I hope you will join me in this journey to receive the restoration and freedom Jesus so willingly provides.

This Program Is For You If:

You long for the freedom and joy Jesus offers (Acts 13:38-39)
You want to accept yourself the same way God accepts you (John 6:37)
You're ready to stop letting what other people think determine how you feel about yourself (Pr 29:25)
You wish the Fruits of the Spirit were a reality in your life (Eph 1:3, Gal 5:22-23)
You ache to be set free from old emotional scars that make it hard to live with peace, joy and confidence (Galatians 5:16)
You're ready to stop letting what other people think determine how you feel about yourself (Proverbs29:25)
You want to live in a way that so strongly reflects your certainty that you are complete in Christ that others are drawn to the Jesus they see in you. (Colossians 2:10)

Here's what you will receive in the RESTORED program:

Six Weeks of Email Teachings 
Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Multiple Activations and Exercises
Two One-on-One
Phone Sessions with Pamela
Free Access to Video Teachings
by Pamela
Free "God is Not Disappointed in You"
Worksheets designed to help you sit with God
and receive His insight and wisdom

Free access to a secret Facebook group only

Future opportunities
to become certified
to teach this
program yourself

You will receive more information as soon as you sign up.

What others have said about Pamela's programs

I have loved working with Pamela. She is so encouraging and has the ability to love unconditionally and accept you right where you are and what you are dealing with. No judgment! Her willingness to be open and vulnerable allows God to use her personal journey to help others on their journey. I also feel encouraged and strengthened to continue my journey no matter how hard or difficult it may be. She always points you to Jesus and reminds me to love unconditionally like Jesus which is not always easy.
Janet, IN
Learning from Pamela has been a great blessing. Her insight is valuable but her input from God is invaluable. She is easy and nonjudgmental and I feel comfortable with her. I recommend working with her to deepen your relationship with God.
Carol, AZ
I have really started to finally realize that God loves me, and He likes me, too. Pamela's program provides many assignments that will really drill this into our hearts through scripture. God delights in me, which is something I could not fathom until after these studies began. She is kind and knowledgeable of God's word. I always feel so blessed after each lesson! Thank you, Jesus, for Pamela!
Nancy, MI

The Nitty Gritty Details

RESTORED is being offered at far less than its worth because I want to share these transformational truths with as many people as possible.

The RESTORED program begins January 13th.

 Registration ends Jamuary 10th. Act fast!

I very much look forward to working with and am praying for you!

With Love,

Pamela Reilly
Burst Through Ministries, Inc.


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