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RESTORED: A Transformational Coaching Program

Join Pamela Reilly to learn to see yourself as God sees you - and believe it!

This program starts January 13, 2020, and lasts for six weeks.


Former Clients Shared:

“Before working with Pamela, I never felt I was doing enough for the Kingdom of God and never felt like I deserved God's forgiveness. I held many grudges and was miserable. I knew God's word said I should be able to live and be satisfied in any situation, but nothing ever satisfied me. Pamela helped me realize that I was still battling the wounds from my abusive childhood. She helped me climb out of that pit so that I could receive God's healing and restoration. Even if you've never been abused, I highly recommend working with Pamela. We all need to grow closer to Jesus and see more of the fruits of the Spirit flow through our lives.”

Phil, GA

“Pamela's love of Jesus flows through her in ways I've never experienced before. Before working with her, I never felt like I was equal to others and always assumed they were judging me. Now, I don't care if they're judging me because I know who God says I am. It's also much easier for me to love others, not take things personally, and to stay focused on Jesus instead of on the mess that surrounds me. Pamela's love, teaching and coaching truly changed my life. I'm so thankful! ”

Janice, CA

“I have to say I have really started to finally realize that God loves me, and He likes me, too. Pamela's program provides many assignments that will really drill this into our hearts through scripture. God delights in me, which is something I could not fathom until after these studies began. The weekly phone sessions have been such a blessing to me! She is kind and knowledgeable of God's word. I always feel so blessed after each one! Thank you, Jesus, for Pamela!”

Nancy, MI