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Half Hour Soul Restoration written by Dr. Pamela Reilly


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Founder of Burst Through Ministries, Inc. and Creator of the BURST Method

Dr. Pamela offers Soul Restoration Sessions and Spirit, Soul and Body Renewal Sessions. Use the links that follow to schedule.

Please note that Burst Through Ministries , Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization solely funded by the generous donations of our supporters. We were forced to set a minimum donation for each service, but that amount is far below the market rate. We welcome additional donations when you checkout. Thank you so much!

Spirit, Soul and Body Renewal Sessions

These sessions are appropriate for anyone struggling with physical challenges. During the session, God may reveal emotional and physical roots of physical challenges. Those roots will be released by the dunamis power of Jesus Christ.

Soul Restoration Sessions

Appropriate for those who recognize that traumatic experiences from the past are affecting their ability to live with joy and peace. These sessions are also appropriate for those who have trouble forming peaceful relationships, who repeat negative behaviors even though they try not to, who are constantly plagued with self condemning thoughts, or who have any other emotional or spiritual challenge preventing them from living the abundant life Jesus intends for us.


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Half Hour SOUL Restoration written by Dr. Pamela Reilly