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Burst Through Ministries, Inc., is honored to be called by God to provide the following services and training.

Burst Through Ministries, Inc. offers training and discipleship in a variety of formats. You can choose to take classes via email or video, or can choose to work directly with our founder, Pamela Reilly, on a one-on-one basis. 

All of our products coaching and services are backed by 20 years of experience and years of prayer.

The following coaching and discipleship services and online training are available. We will be adding more services and offerings on an ongoing basis. We welcome your input about what types of training would benefit your spiritual walk the most.

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Soul Healing and Restoration Services

In life there will be certain seasons when you feel unable to move forward or when you feel stuck. Pamela Reilly has over 30 years of experience helping people heal from the past and step more fully into their new identity in Christ. Pamela is an expert at helping others receive breakthroughs from God. Feel free to click on each type of service to receive more information and schedule a one-on-one session.

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Personal Coaching and Discipleship Session

Spend time with Pamela discussing your challenges and receiving biblical insight into how you can move forward and step into God's will for your life. Pamela will prayerfully guide you through exercises and may assign simple tasks to help you.

Soul Restoration Session

Soul Restoration Sessions focus on specific challenges you are having. During each session, Pamela will prayerfully reveal the hidden roots creating the challenge and will then prayerfully release the roots and provide deliverance as the Holy Spirit guides.

Personal Coaching and Discipleship Programs

Working one-on-one with Pamela has transformed the lives of many people.

Pamela's coaching programs are proven to help you get "unstuck," stop letting the lies of the enemy prevent you from stepping into the destiny God has for you, and move you into your true identity in Christ so you can live the abundant life Jesus intends for you.

During your coaching program, Pamela will ask you to choose the priorities you believe will help you move beyond where you are today. While listening to the Holy Spirit, she will then guide you to prioritize your focus, thoughts and activites; will provide scriptural encouragement and exhortation to give you a firm foundation to build upon; will provide insight to help you see your situation as God does; and will give you weekly assignments that will help you have victory and achieve the success you desire. All of her recommendations are provided using the gifts of prophecy and discernment. Her ultimate goal is to help you grow closer to Jesus as you step more fully into your identity in Christ.

RESTORED: A Transformational Coaching Program (7 weeks)

This seven-week program focuses on 7 priorities of spiritual growth. You will receive email teachings every-other day, each of which will include activations and assignments to help you make the teaching a truth in your life. Please click the link for full details.

6-Month One-on-One Discipleship and Coaching Program

3-Month One-on-One Discipleship and Coaching Program

Introductory One-on-One Discipleship and Coaching Program

Spiritual Restoration Mastermind Program (12 month Program)

This program is in development and will be available soon.

Integrative Functional Nutritional Consultations

 Pamela spent almost 30 years working as a Naturopathic Doctor in Indianapolis. She now focuses on combining functional nutrition recommendations with emotional restoration exercises. Her goal is to support the body's innate, God-created healing abilities while eliminating emotional blocks preventing restoration.

Integrative Functional Nutrition Consultation

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